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I am a 30 something second generation beekeeper who grew up in the country and ended up in the city. I am a certified Master Beekeeper through the Eastern Apicultural Society and am also the Vice President and Community Apiary Director for Pittsburgh's Urban Beekeeping group: Burgh Bees. I own and operate approximately 30 colonies of honeybees in and around the city of Pittsburgh and also capture swarms and remove active colonies of honey bees from buildings. I alos sell local honey, and other products from the hive such as lip balms, moisturizing lotions, pollen snd propolis tinctures. I can often be found at the St. James Church Farmers Market in Sewickley, PA on the last Saturday of every month April-October.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

My New Website!

Ive finally decided that a website is in order!  Please visit where you will find information about me, my honey bee colonies and the products I produce from those colonies!



  1. I love your website because the design is simple yet so functional. I mean, the navigations are totally easy to control. For me, that’s one of the most important aspects in creating a website because we don’t want our visitors to be dazzled and confused by tricky layouts. Good job! :]

    - Bryan Douglas

  2. Nice observation, Bryan! You’re right; those reasons you cited are what I like about the website as well. The color scheme also plays a significant role in making the website pleasing to the visitor’s sight. Who developed your site, by the way?

    - Lesli Dyson

  3. What I like the most about your website are the sliding photos and the image gallery. It’s nice because with these pictures, you can simply demonstrate to people what your site is all about. There’s no need to elaborate it that much, after all a picture already tells a thousand words. ;)

    Kevin Beamer